Sleep with Me! Challenge

OK!  OK!  It's not what you think....or is it?

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic I thought it would be fun and light hearted to do a special promotion for all us who are quarantined at home.  You can watch Netflix, clean house, do your laundry, cook, exercise or go to sleep.

Yes, go to sleep.  That activity usually takes 6-8 hours.

Our sleep spray is your perfect companion.  It's sweet, relaxing and just the right size.  A few quick pumps and you'll be snoring and counting sheep.

However, that's just one scenario.  We want you to SHOW us how you prepare for bed with our spray.  Do you spray it on the pillows?  Do you mist the room?  Do you spray in on your partner so you can snuggle.  

It's up to you.  It can be funny, sexy, crazy or all of the above.  Just post a 10-20 second clip on our Instagram account and we will announce a winner on April 12.  That's Easter Sunday.

Oh yeah, the prize for best clip gets a $300 Visa gift card.